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  • What does the ideal digital business model look like for your organization? MIT researchers Stephanie Woerner and Peter Weill share digital transformation lessons from their new book

  • Customized manufacturing has been around for some time, with products tuned and configured for all customer needs. Now, Internet of Things (IoT)-based approaches are providing custom manufacturers even more power to reduce human error, gain increased visibility into the granular details of the manufacturing process, and conduct predictive maintenance.

  • Employee diversity doesn't immediately come to mind as necessary for successful digital transformation. Yet, to compete in an increasingly digital environment, a diverse employee base can help provide new ideas and reveal key decision-making errors that may otherwise go unnoticed. See why digital platforms that offer employees opportunities to connect in new ways are more likely to foster stronger, more diverse collaboration.

  • Where to start and what to do first when considering the imperative to secure your industrial networks, endpoints and control systems. This brief overview is a place to start for both Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) when considering the unique cybersecurity requirements of industrial automation and process controls.

  • Leadership can take many forms. Leaders can be humble or egotistic, measured or impulsive, inclusive listeners or single-minded dictators. I believe that it’s important to distinguish between personal qualities that may appear harsh as opposed to truly unethical behavior.

  • In 2017, MITSloan Management Review (MIT SMR) conducted a global survey of more than 3,000 executives, managers, and analysts on the current state of AI and its potential. The results reveal that there’s still a significant gap between “ambition and execution.”

  • When prominent CEOs resigned from White House advisory councils a while ago, their action sent a message—sincerely held personal beliefs and espoused corporate values trumped potential business benefits of remaining close to political power. The names of these CEOs reverberated through the public discourse attracting considerable praise of their personal integrity. Yet, far too often, business leaders are cast in less flattering light. 

  • Of all the buzzwords in business, there are two letters in particular that seem to be everywhere, all the time, even in places they don’t belong: AI. While too many businesses make unjustified claims to artificial intelligence, make no bones about it—AI in general and machine learning in particular will be a major driver in technology this year. 

  • From the impact of AI and technology on the role of the recruiter to internal hiring on the rise, Korn Ferry Futurestep Global Operating Executive and President of Talent Acquisition Solutions Jeanne MacDonald will be joined by Stacey Cadigan, Director at global research and advisory firm ISG, to discuss the top 10 talent trends for 2018.

  • Are you overwhelmed by work obligations? Not enough time for friends and family? You’re not alone. Even the most successful individuals are looking for new and better ways to get more accomplished while maintaining or increasing their quality of life. In this webinar, productivity expert and MIT Sloan Lecturer Bob Pozen teaches us how to get more done—and still make it home in time for dinner.