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  • People continue to flock to cities for several reasons, such as employment opportunities, lifestyle, and more.
    The latest U.S. Census Bureau data showed that all but one of the 20 largest cities in the U.S. experienced population growth last year. And with the exception of New York City, the 15 cities that had the greatest population growth were in the southern and western portions of the country.

  • The Internet of Things is about to transform the way we live and work. And if it reaches its fullest potential, it will fundamentally change every aspect of our lives.
    That sort of disruption is evident in the healthcare sector, where the pen and paper has been the primary means of recording patient information for decades. But now, healthcare technology is changing in major ways.

  • The increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is presenting manufacturers with tremendous business opportunities. By using readily available computations of vast amounts of data, a manufacturer can leverage analytics to generate real-time insights to understand the needs of end consumers and product performance under a myriad of operating conditions.

  • How is IoT influencing aviation and how can you monetise it?
    Read our exclusive 12 page sector report, provided by Beecham Research and gain indepth understanding of the IoT marketplace and its influence on the aviation sector.

  • In a world where people casually tout the term disruptive technology, there are few predictions as sure as the coming of the Internet of Things and its potential to change the way we live, travel, and operate businesses. As with all buzzwords, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept readily bandied around and just as easily misunderstood. What is IoT? It is things joined up. What things? Any physical object or device, domestic appliances, vehicles, baggage handling equipment, you name it. The limit is our imagination, not the number of devices or objects.

  • In this webinar, the authors of MIT SMR’s IoT research report are joined by a study participant to discuss how companies derive value from the Internet of Things.

  • In this webinar, Deborah Ancona introduces MIT's unique leadership perspective—a powerful, innovative approach to executive leadership that will help you make your organization more knowledge-driven and more innovative.

  • The shift to value-based payments has put the burden of reducing healthcare delivery costs on payers, providers and medical device companies.
    With the increasing adoption of remote care monitoring and the ability of care teams to intervene before a potential episode, the spread of Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is persistent and continuing to grow at a rapid pace, providing a significant opportunity for healthcare organizations to reduce the cost of care.

  • While consumer IoT applications may get a lot off buzz, factories are likely to have the greatest potential economic impact from IoT use. Jon Pittman, vice president of corporate strategy for Autodesk, turned his house into an IoT testing ground and came up with three lessons for Industrial Internet of Things systems.

  • An infographic from the new 2016 Internet of Things report by MIT Sloan Management Review illustrates the three key areas business leaders need to address in order to realize the IoT value proposition.