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How IoT Talent Consortium Membership Benefits Your Organization

Employers, Service Providers and Educators

 As the Talent Consortium’s ecosystem evolves, we see participation delivering the following for every member:

  • Improvement in your technical staff recruiting ROI through learning from Consortium initiatives and leveraging the exclusive IoT talent marketplace it develops.
  • Positioning your company at the front end of an IoT talent pipeline where you can cherry-pick IoT talent with trusted credentials.
  • Preemptive adoption of innovation in the ways and means of developing the new interdisciplinary breed of talent needed to manage IoT implementations in every industrial sector. 

Employers and Service Providers large and small

Unique Benefits

  • Improved job descriptions
  • Easier validation of training and credentials 
  • Easier access to customized IoT training
  • Access to an IoT talent matching engine
  • Platform to monetize proprietary IoT training

Learning Benefits

  • Identify and project internal skills gaps
  • Modify and develop new internal courses for IoT skills
  • Apply IoT techniques to existing courseware
  • Stay abreast of learning trends and hot skills
  • List and link high quality IoT-related courses

Recruiting Benefits

  • Modify or create new categories of job classifications
  • Develop tailored pipeline of IoT talent
  • Search for candidates with specific skills
  • Review talent portfolios by and for use cases
  • Faster and better candidate sourcing and screening
  • Set standards for job nomenclature 

Educators in higher education and commercial sectors

Unique Benefits

  • Improve understanding of rapidly evolving workforce development needs
  • Accelerate curricular response to industrial shift to interdisciplinary IoT training
  • Establish compelling experiential learning opportunities with local industry
  • Develop, evolve and retire disciplinary and professional specializations faster

Learning Benefits

  • Apply IoT techniques to existing courseware
  • Stay abreast of IoT learning trends and hot skills
  • List and link high quality IoT-related courses
  • Establish or expand research and internship relationships with corporate members
  • Keep course content in line with in-demand skills
  • Develop new courses to fill gaps

Recruiting Benefits

  • Attract students interested in acquiring hybridized IoT skills
  • Improve the perceived relevance of technical curriculum and degree credentials
  • Offer programs and courses that feed into high demand employment opportunities
  • Differentiate your institution on the immediacy of your IoT curriculum
  • Establish compelling experiential learning opportunities/partnerships with local industry