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The urgent need to prepare talent for current and future jobs is getting a lot of attention today. While it’s not a new problem, it is a big problem with an estimated 40% of employers saying they are not finding people with the skills they need.  This “skills gap” is likely to increase with technology and other global trends changing the nature of future jobs. With estimations that people born today will live to be 150 years old, we can be certain of a couple things: People will need continual training for what could amount to 100 years in the workforce, and, as such, training/education won’t start and stop with a degree.

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A consortium, a group created to undertake an activity which is beyond the resources of any single member, relies on the collective strengths of its members for success.  Indeed, the IoT Talent Consortium is no different in this respect.  Our ability to work across industry, academia, and government to help create and transform the organizations necessary to usher in this 4th industrial revolution is a product of the knowledge and efforts of all our member organizations.