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calendar Created with Sketch. Mon, 03/23/2020

In terms of tech adoption, what does it mean when yesterday’s dreams become today’s nightmares? From murderous autonomous vehicles to spying smart speakers, IoT-enabled products seem to be getting their share of bad publicity lately.

calendar Created with Sketch. Mon, 07/01/2019

Yesterday I traveled to Milwaukee, WI for the IoTTC 2019 Annual Meeting. The 2-day event, jointly hosted by University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Rockwell Automation brought together a group of thought leaders to share insights, research, and best practices around the human side of digital transformation. Attendees represented a cross section of the very best from academia, industry, and government, all with unique experiences and viewpoints on the changing competitive landscape being shaped by the Forth Industrial Revolution. At the conclusion of day 1 we have already been given a lot to think about.

calendar Created with Sketch. Wed, 05/22/2019

Recently, I gave a keynote speech at a conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil—from MIT campus via a live telepresence robot. The mode of delivery was fitting, as the topic of my talk was the Internet of Things, or, more specifically, what I call the Human Face of the Internet of Things.

calendar Created with Sketch. Wed, 10/31/2018

With new life-altering technologies bursting on the scene seemingly every week, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of the fact that we humans are still in control (for now, anyway). It is up to us to take advantage of the business and societal implications of emerging technologies in ways that will benefit our humanity, not diminish its value. This notion was brought to stark relief in a recent meeting of the Internet of Things Talent Consortium at the New York Academy of Sciences in Manhattan.

calendar Created with Sketch. Wed, 07/25/2018

Now in its 4th year, IoTTC member organization MIT Sloan recently released the results of their research surrounding digital transformation in a report titled Coming of Age Digitally: Learning, Leadership, and Legacy.  In line with the previous installments of this deeply impactful research, the results found this year suggest that the digital revolution is upon us and that, for the first time, organizations are truly starting to understand its surprising breadth of impact.  Not surprisingly however are the findings that the digital revolution is not about technology, but instead, is about people.

calendar Created with Sketch. Thu, 05/10/2018

Picture this on a not-so-distant future Monday morning.

Your alarm wakes you up and instantly your shower starts heating to your desired temperature. As you make your way into the bathroom your virtual assistant reads you the day’s top headlines. When you step out of the shower your coffee maker kicks on and starts making your morning latte. When you’re dressed and ready to go, you hop into your stylish autonomous car and it takes you straight to work as you go through your inbox. Sound like a scene from The Jetsons? Well, it’s a futuristic dream that’s quickly becoming a reality.