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Thu, 04/12/2018

A consortium, a group created to undertake an activity which is beyond the resources of any single member, relies on the collective strengths of its members for success.  Indeed, the IoT Talent Consortium is no different in this respect.  Our ability to work across industry, academia, and government to help create and transform the organizations necessary to usher in this 4th industrial revolution is a product of the knowledge and efforts of all our member organizations.  By bringing together some of the brightest minds from some of the most forward-looking organizations we create an environment ripe for innovation and the creation of new knowledge.  However, if that knowledge fails to be widely distributed and understood across entire ecosystems the potential utility of it is never fully realized.  When dealing in products or services we sometimes label this phenomenon the ‘network effect’.

This blog space was created as our way to help achieve a network effect for the work performed by the members of the IoTTC.  What does that mean to you, the reader of this blog?  It means that you now have a direct line to hear about the latest research, lessons learned, and best practices directly from the human capital experts and practitioners who are leading the way on the digital transformation journey.  As a stakeholder in this digital revolution, your ability to adapt to never-before seen changes and to thrive in an ever-changing competitive landscape will be dependent upon staying up to date on the latest thinking on a variety of topics.  You will find that latest thinking here. 

As our members continue to lead the efforts and shape the future of the digital revolution we will share their stories through this blog.  When insights are gleaned into issues which are important to you, our members will utilize this blog to ensure you are kept abreast of their thinking. And, from time to time, I too will utilize this blog to help share the knowledge I discover by working with our amazing member organizations.  I hope that by subscribing to our blog you too will be inspired to share your stories as together we accelerate organizational level transformations that support the next industrial revolution.       

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