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Coming of Age Digitally

Date Posted: 
Wed, 07/25/2018

Now in its 4th year, IoTTC member organization MIT Sloan recently released the results of their research surrounding digital transformation in a report titled Coming of Age Digitally: Learning, Leadership, and Legacy.  In line with the previous installments of this deeply impactful research, the results found this year suggest that the digital revolution is upon us and that, for the first time, organizations are truly starting to understand its surprising breadth of impact.  Not surprisingly however are the findings that the digital revolution is not about technology, but instead, is about people.

A key insight found from this year’s research is that organizations are recognizing the need for digital transformation, and that the most forward looking organizations are well on their way to being able to fully leverage the advantages that come with being an early mover in this digital landscape.  The data also suggests that those organizations who have not yet started their efforts towards becoming digital may still have time to do so.  However, if these late moving organizations hope to overcome the obstacles from their delayed response they will have to observe the lessons learned and ensure that exceptional care is placed in dealing with digital transformation at both the organizational and individual level.

These findings echo what the IoTTC proposed in our 2017 Position Paper advising on the multi-dimensional nature of successful digital transformation efforts and identifying key areas of consideration at both the organizational and individual levels.  As we continue to usher in this 4th industrial revolution the importance of adapting the culture of an organization to fit within a rapidly changing competitive environment becomes even more important, a fact that is becoming increasing clear across industry verticals.  These findings, along with many others, point back to a single reoccurring theme – digital transformation is about people.

Over the coming weeks we will bring you continued thoughts and insights on MIT’s latest research from those who are at the forefront of the digital revolution, your fellow IoT Talent Consortium members. Until then I encourage you to read the research report, share your ideas, and help us advance digital transformation for the betterment of industry and society as a whole. 


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