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Talent For Cities Webcast

Join Cisco’s Chief Knowledge Officer, the Meeting of the Minds’ co-founder and influential guests – including business leaders, and public sector and academic experts – to examine the impact of talent on the future of cities in our digital economy.

The three-part webcast series (a 60 minute talk-show format) will shed light on the plethora of challenges facing cities and businesses – old, new, lesser-known – which have the power to fuel (or impede) talent, jobs, innovation and economic prosperity. The series puts the spotlight on the often underrepresented and complex issue of “talent”: the critical backbone for building the dynamic, digitally-ready workforce for future-connected cities.

“Without the right talent, who will build and sustain our cities?” Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, Chief Knowledge Officer, Cisco.

Learn from expert guests who will bring valuable perspectives and share pragmatic, fresh approaches to public/private partnerships and digital transformation that creates an environment for a dynamic workforce that ensures businesses and cities can thrive (and are not left behind). Register to attend live and receive "on-demand" post-webinar content delivered to your inbox.

2016-09-13 2016-09-13
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