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Join us at the IoT World Forum

Join us in London May 22-24, 2017 at the IoT World Forum to learn more about how the IoT Talent Consortium is shaping the future of digital transformation, and how your organization can get involved. The IoT Talent Consortium will be hosting 6 key events including breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and mainstage features. Find us at one of the events below or visit our kiosk in the IoTLive Experience Zone.

Hosted Events

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Get Involved
Is your organization looking for ways to accelerate the IoT economy? Are you a believer in the IoT Talent Consortium and in the workforce of the future? Are you actively shaping IoT and digital industry jobs and skills? Are you committed to investing in future talent? Contact us to learn more about becoming a member.

Mainstage Events

Transforming Your Workforce IoT – A GE Perspective

Tuesday, May 23rd 10:55am Tobacco Dock, Main Stage
Jennifer Waldo, Chief Human Resources Officer, GE

Talent is foundational to succeed in today’s digital industrial revolution. How can organizations reconfigure their people strategies, from recruiting and compensation, to learning and culture, to meet the demands of an ever-changing, digital landscape? This session examines lessons learned as GE Digital has grown from a small, software incubator in the Silicon Valley to a leading, global player in the industrial internet.

Beyond Business: A Holistic View of the Societal and Human Impact of IoT

Tuesday, May 23rd 3:50 pm Tobacco Dock, Main Stage
Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Author, CEO The Futures Agency

Karen Walker, Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco

The societal impacts of IoT are enormous, yet still relatively uncharted and generally regarded as externalities. While technological progress is certain to bring vast economic and societal benefit, we cannot ignore the potential unintended consequences of exponential digital transformation. Thinking beyond the financial bottom line, the bigger questions deal with ethic and human flourishing: What will be the impact of IoT on society and culture, jobs and the global workforce? What is our role as business and technology leaders in preparing the world and the workforce for the exponential challenges and opportunities speeding towards us? In this session, we explore the ethics of IoT and the critical role of human ingenuity in designing and shepherding its impact. This event will be followed by a book signing by Gerd Leonhard.

Is your Organization Equipped to Successfully Complete the Digital Transformation Journey?

Wednesday, May 24th 1:30pm Tobacco Dock, Main Stage
Sudarshan Krishnamurthi, Head of Business Strategy for education services, Cisco

This theater presentation will highlight the overall complexity and potential obstacles faced by organizations involved in digital transformation.

Other Hosted Events

Solving the IoT Talent Puzzle

Monday, May 22nd 2:00pm – 4:00 p.m. Tobacco Dock, North Dock 2

From industry thought leaders like GE; hear lessons learned and discuss best practices in the transformation to digital. Participate in a round table discussion about key trends and issues in developing IoT-ready talent. Collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

IoTLive Experience Zone

Tuesday, May 23rd 11:00am – 7:30pm Tobacco Dock, IoTLive Experience Zone
Wednesday, May 24th 11:00am – 2:30pm Tobacco Dock, IoTLive Experience Zone

Join us at the IoTLive Experience Zone to learn more about the IoT Talent Consortium. Representatives will provide an introduction to the consortium through guided presentations and interactive use of the consortium website.

Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, IoT Talent Consortium President, Cisco Vice President and General Manager and author of the book, “I’m the Boss of Me”, will be signing complementary copies of her book at the IoT Talent Consortium kiosk. Please visit the kiosk to inquire about times.

Helping Companies to Realize the Value of IoT through Talent Innovation

Tuesday, May 23rd 1:00pm Tobacco Dock, IoTLive Experience Zone
Trent Salvaggio, Program Manager, IoT Talent Consortium

The IoT Talent Consortium exists to enable organizations and the workforce of the future to realize the value of the IoT today. The consortium develops talented individuals through robust learning programs focused on IoT specific knowledge and innovative organizations through the sharing of best practices, hands-on workshops and organizational development programs.