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Colleen Tiner - Treasurer - IoT Talent Consortium


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Senior Vice President, Strategy, Beeline

Colleen Tiner is a visionary and action-driven executive specializing in human capital management technology. She brings an unrelenting curiosity about the workforce, technology, innovation, data, and organizational change. In addition to an extensive career in human capital management and technology, Colleen led the product design for digital transformation of price quoting at a large property and casualty insurance firm and has influenced technology strategies in professional consulting and learning and development.

In her role as SVP of Strategy at Beeline, Colleen spearheads products and innovations that provide global companies with software solutions to digitally transform how they manage human capital and acquire talent. She was the driving force behind Beeline’s breakthrough Self-Sourcing platform. By innovating on an age-old business model, Self-Sourcing enabled managers to hire non-employees through alternative sourcing channels such as talent cloud marketplaces and private talent pools at a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing. In her time at Beeline, the company has grown from a division of a global staffing firm, to the largest and most innovative, global independent software provider in non-employee workforce management.

Colleen is passionate about advising, advocating, and being a change agent for the future workforce. Her leadership approach centers on three core professional values: be pragmatic and take calculated risks, continuously learn and pay it forward, and lead with professional grace and conviction. She was recognized with the 2015 Spirit of Rosie Glass Ceiling Award in her home town of Jacksonville, Florida as a trailblazer for women executives in technology, and in Staffing Industry Analysts’ Global Power 100 List of Women in Staffing (2015 and 2016). Industry watchers describe Colleen as a visionary leader in the VMS segment and in the emerging world of online talent sourcing platforms.