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Vice President & Secretary

Michael Cook

IoT Talent Consortium
Director - Global Academic Organization, Rockwell Automation

Michael Cook has broad experience in corporate strategy and global business development across emerging markets including EMEA, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. Cook has early career experience as an attorney and advocate of the high court in South Africa with broad professional legal and commercial experience. He also worked for several years post MBA as a management and implementation consultant in a global management consultancy in heavy industries, manufacturing and services as well as an independent consultant in Africa. He then immigrated to the USA and worked at Rockwell Automation in a strategic development role and currently, he is Director University Partnership Program for Rockwell Automation which centers on automation laboratories for engineering competency. Rockwell Automation laboratories strive to reduce the gap between theories and practice as well as the gap between classrooms and manufacturing plants. Rockwell Automation University Partnership Program, cradles education and innovation in science and technology for students around the world across 100 automation labs touching thousands of engineering students.