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About Us

Who We Are

The Internet of Things Talent Consortium (IoTTC) is a unique, non-profit community of human talent experts and practitioners. We work across industries to help inspire, create and grow the organizations and workforces needed to drive IoT-enabled digital transformation in every sector.

Based on our research and conversations with C-Level leaders globally, talent and people are key barriers to adoption for IoT and they are looking for help to overcome those barriers. At our core, we are a community of digital pioneers and leading practitioners who share substantial research, frameworks, experiences, job relevant education programs along with critical lessons to positively impact the future of work and drive the next industrial revolution. Current consortium members include senior leaders from a cross section of Academia, Corporations, Startups and Learning Organizations including: Cisco, General Electric, Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, Panduit, MIT Sloan School of Management, Global Knowledge, Pearson Workforce Readiness, New York Academy of Sciences, IQ Navigator, Acuity Brands and others.

What Differentiates Us

Let’s face it: digital transformation is one of the great challenges of our time, with wide implications that span organizational performance and survival, the structure of future labor markets, social policy, and more. C-Level leaders and their teams who join the Consortium have the unique benefit of working alongside peers from organizations already going through digital transformation. We are not a consultancy. At our core, we are a community of ‘digital business warriors’, educators and change agents that share a desire to enable digital transformation for the betterment of business, society and the world.  

What We Provide

The IOTTC provides leading organizations with real-world insights on talent and the future of work based on primary and secondary research, support, best practices from lessons learned and access to a community of experts and practitioners. We also showcase the best educational programs developed by practitioners for the top in-demand jobs and skills in the Digital, IoT arena. Our actions accelerate talent transformation in the IoT-enabled digital journey to support the next industrial revolution. By joining, you’ll gain:

  1. A ‘Voice’ in the Bigger Debate: Become a digital transformation advocate and seek to influence the digital transformation talent conundrum at the highest levels of business and government.

  2. Community and Contacts: IoTTC member meetings are focused on helping each other unpack our toughest digital transformation challenges and working together to define smart, actionable, human capital solutions. We believe that the networking aspect of the consortium not only builds great connections, but also spurs healthy debate and uncovers unique solutions to the most critical challenges of the community.

  3. Thought Leadership: Access and contribute to macro research, thought leadership on the implications of digital transformation on the workforce of the future.

  4. Hard-earned Lessons Learned: Leverage a proven framework of insights and lessons learned from consortium members about their own digital transformation journeys.

  5. Practical Solutions: Access to a resource map of skill-building assets to build a digital-ready workforce which includes white papers, blogs, learning assets, success stories.

  6. Talent Programs: We aim to help business accelerate their journey to outcomes in IoT through the transformation of their organizations and their talent. Our unique experience in the world as practitioners of IoT makes the education programs we curate, develop and showcase the most relevant in the industry.  We help our Members build job relevant programs that help transform talent so they can accelerate their journey to produce the best IoT outcomes. 

How To join Us

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