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  • pen Created with Sketch. Trent Salvaggio, Ph.D.
    calendar Created with Sketch. 01/29/2018

    Successful change efforts are critical for organizations to thrive in a continually adaptive competitive environment. While a myriad of prescriptive models have been formulated and tested, none have emerged as the ‘one size fits all’ panacea organizations have hoped for. However, if we consider the complex interplay of individual, group, and organizational level factors we can gain unique insight as to how to evaluate, plan, and execute on even the most audacious initiatives.

  • pen Created with Sketch. Ed Maguire, Insights Partner
    calendar Created with Sketch. 01/10/2018

    Jeanne Beliveu-Dunn shares the challenges that Cisco faced in preparing for the incoming wave of connectivity bought on by the Internet of Things. She discusses the development of the “Internet of Everything” strategy and the learnings for Cisco and their customers. In Part 2, Jeanne details the need for in-house skill development, the obstacles that prevent successful IoT adoption and the impact of IoT and digitization within different industries.

  • pen Created with Sketch. MIT Sloan Executive Education innovation@work Blog
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/30/2017

    Many organization think of digital transformation as the implementation and use of cutting-edge technologies. But advancements in information technology—and the Internet of things (IoT) in particular—pose opportunities and challenges that far transcend technology. In order to seize strategic advantage with IoT, many businesses require hard fought talent and organizational shifts.

  • pen Created with Sketch. Trent Salvaggio, Ph.D.
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/15/2017

    The IoT will disrupt entire industries, and organizations that are best prepared for this disruption stand to emerge as the winners. But how does an organization prepare for IoT and the broader digital transformation? The IoTTC suggests that a multi-dimensional approach will be required.

  • pen Created with Sketch. LearnED, Pearson
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/05/2017

    To many of us, “the Internet of Things” conjures images of your refrigerator reminding you to buy eggs next time you go grocery shopping. But in reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) is something much more than a talking appliance or other commercial applications.

  • pen Created with Sketch. Dr. Peter Hirst
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/05/2017

    People are creatures of habit. We are comfortable with what we know. It’s not laziness—it’s an evolutionary trick we’ve developed to survive as a species. New is scary and we tend to resist it, willfully or subconsciously, but this resistance can hinder progress.