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Our Work at a Glance

  • pen Created with Sketch. Trent Salvaggio, Ph.D.
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/15/2017

    The IoT will disrupt entire industries, and organizations that are best prepared for this disruption stand to emerge as the winners. But how does an organization prepare for IoT and the broader digital transformation? The IoTTC suggests that a multi-dimensional approach will be required.

  • pen Created with Sketch. LearnED, Pearson
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/05/2017

    To many of us, “the Internet of Things” conjures images of your refrigerator reminding you to buy eggs next time you go grocery shopping. But in reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) is something much more than a talking appliance or other commercial applications.

  • pen Created with Sketch. Dr. Peter Hirst
    calendar Created with Sketch. 09/05/2017

    People are creatures of habit. We are comfortable with what we know. It’s not laziness—it’s an evolutionary trick we’ve developed to survive as a species. New is scary and we tend to resist it, willfully or subconsciously, but this resistance can hinder progress.

  • pen Created with Sketch. Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn
    calendar Created with Sketch. 08/02/2017

    What will be the catalyst for great technological, business and societal progress? Human ingenuity. We, as business and technology leaders, must think beyond the fiscal bottom line and take into account our collective human influence.

  • pen Created with Sketch. Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn
    calendar Created with Sketch. 05/05/2017

    There’s a skills gap between the number of IoT job roles needed to make digitization a reality, and the number of workers in the market with those skills. Public and private organizations need to become producers and consumers of talent.

  • pen Created with Sketch. State of Illinois
    calendar Created with Sketch. 04/19/2017

    The Internet of Things Talent Consortium is pleased to partner with the State of Illinois in leading the effort to develop the talents and skills necessary for success in the rapidly growing IoT workspace. The offering of the Data Science program of study, through the IoT Talent Consortium and in partnership with Microsoft, is an exciting first step in our efforts.